About Us

While many people around the world know about our candies, few know the story behind Nora's Candy Shop and how we got started.
Our History
Our family, located in Rome NY, has been manufacturing Turkey Joints by the same handmade process since 1919. Originally starting out as a maker of confections only then diversifying into a full scale restaurant we made the transition back to manufacturing candy exclusively again in 1973 by Tasos and Nora Haritatos. Turkey Joints, which derived its name from their unique design, began as a Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition. Their distinctive look and taste however have made them popular for year round and all occasion gift giving.
Our Candies
While we canít ship during the summer due to heat, Turkey Joints and other select candies we manufacture are available for shipping from October through May. Be sure to check back often, as available candies will periodically change to reflect the seasons. Please visit Our Candies page for the current varieties.
Our Services
We are open year round at our retail and manufacturing location, 321 N. Doxtator St. in Rome, NY, to provide the local and visiting candy lovers with the quality candies they deserve and expect. We have now expanded our website to provide the folks who canít visit personally those same fine quality confections.
Store hours
10:00a Ė 4:00p
10:00a Ė 2:00p
Closed Sunday